January 13, 2025 – January 23, 2025

Antarctica – Explore Another World

“A world unto itself, Antarctica awaits discovery as a

pristine wilderness of inimitable beauty. Silversea takes

travellers deep into the Final Continent in unparalleled

comfort, unlocking the richest Antarctica experience ever.”

A Fantastic Luxury Expedition to the 7th Continent

Standing at the edge of a vast ice shelf, all you hear is complete and utter silence.

A World Unto Itself

 It’s out there, waiting for you. The voyage of a lifetime. The last continent. Each time you hear the word Antarctica you feel its pull. You can almost smell the crisp cold air, hear the crunch of millennial snow under your feet, see the edge of a humpback whale’s tail as it disappears into crystal waters. But once you set foot on Antarctica you’ll feel something you never imagined existed: a new sense of belonging – to nature, to the family of explorers who’ve come before you, to our beautiful, delicate planet.

Special Experiences

Trip Overview

 Earn your travel stripes and tick off the Drake Passage, Cape Horn and Antarctica in one sailing. Leaving Puerto Williams, you’ll spend your first two days at sea, crossing the (in)famous Drake Passage. Your first sight of the seventh continent will be Antarctica Sound, before you arrive in Antarctica on Day 5. Spend three days discovering the wildlife, seascapes and whitewashed landscape that make this destination so covetable before sailing back via Cape Horn.


Your Antarctica Experience


Zodiac Cruising: There’s nothing like listening to large sheets of ice break off a millennial glacier from a Zodiac, or catching sight of a great humpback whale as it spy hops vertically out of crystal clear waters to introduce itself.

Group Hikes: Get up close and personal with the stunning landscapes and teeming wildlife of Antarctica.

Active Kayaking: Towering icebergs and humpback whales look great from afar, but there’s nothing like floating alongside a glacier in total silence or having a curious leopard seal glide right beside you in the water.

Advanced Lectures: Prepare for your onshore excursions with the best of the best as our expert naturalists, biologists, historians and geologists provide you with inside information on what to expect onshore and in the water.

Trip Dates

January 13, 2025 – January 23, 2025


Pricing from $14900 per person 


Silver Cloud 


Day 1:Depart Puerto Williams

Day 2:Crossing the Drake Passage

Day 3:Crossing the Drake Passage

Day 4:Antarctic Sound

Day 5:Antarctic Peninsula

Day 6:Antarctic Peninsula

Day 7:Antarctic Peninsula

Day 8:South Shetland Islands

Day 9:Drake Passage

Day 10:Cruising Cape Horn, Chile

Day 11:Puerto Williams, Chile

Trip Highlights

  • Door-to-Door Luxury
  • Private executive transfers
  • All-inclusive pre/post cruise benefits
  • Butler service in every suite
  • Complimentary beverages everywhere
  • Gourmet dining
  • Gratuities and personalized service onboard
  • Shore excursions and onboard lectures
  • All-inclusive expedition cruising

Let’s begin your next adventure!

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