Ep 5 – The Making of Global Cruise Itineraries with Claudius Docekal


Welcome to the Luxury Travel podcast, where we unveil the epitome of opulent travel experiences alongside industry luminaries. In today’s episode, host Rodney George engages in a captivating dialogue with Claudius Docekal, Vice President of Global Deployments at Scenic and Emerald Cruises. Together, they delve into the world of extravagant yachting, exploring the lavish vessels that adorn extraordinary destinations worldwide. Claudius highlights the unparalleled amenities aboard these yachts, from intimate passenger numbers to submarines and helicopters, ensuring an unmatched experience for discerning travelers.
Claudius underscores the advantage of smaller yachts, emphasizing their ability to access ports unreachable by larger ships, thereby unlocking exclusive locales and hidden gems. As the conversation unfolds, Claudius extends a warm invitation to our listeners, encouraging them to visit the company’s website to witness the splendor of these magnificent yachts and embark on crafting their dream excursion.

[1:58] Rodney shares Claudius’s background in the shipping industry
[3:34] Claudius explains what his company does
[6:31] Claudius highlights some extraordinary perks no other company has, and Eclipse 2 is arriving in Australia this week
[11:42] Explanation of the incredible itineraries Claudius has designed, and he discusses piggybacking cruises together
[19:28] Description of crew-to-passenger ratio and details of going to Antarctica
[25:24] Discussion of the stability of the ships and the latest equipment managed by satellites
[28:20] Claudius shares some of his most favorite places to visit.


[3:27] Scenic and Emerald Cruises is a multi-faceted company with offices worldwide. It started as a motor coach business, expanding into river cruises and ocean-going ships.
[6:17] The amenities on the Emerald yacht include a six-seat electric submersible and two six-seat helicopters.
[8:43] A yacht’s benefit is that it can go where large cruise ships cannot.



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GUEST BIOGRAPHY: Claudius “Google” Docekal
Extensive experience in the upscale travel industry: Vessel deployment for yachts, expedition cruising, luxury cruise ships, river cruising, destination development, luxury private jet operations, tour operations, shore excursions, incentives & meetings, boutique hotels.

Expert in blending:

Guest expectations, experience & satisfaction
Revenue generating operations
Charter sales
Operational realities: know what is there and deploy accordingly
Sales and marketing support
Cost-cutting deployment and fuel savings
I have personally visited over 160 countries and 1,000 ports, villages, towns, and cities on all continents.

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