Ep 7 – Signature Travel Network, an Exclusive Network of the World’s Leading Expert Travel Advisors with Alex Sharpe


Welcome to the Luxury Travelers Podcast! In this episode, Alex Sharpe, President and CEO of Signature Travel Network, speaks with Rodney about Signature Travel Network’s many attributes and their impactful initiative, Travel Elevates. This nonprofit program empowers travelers to make a positive difference in the communities they visit. Alex shares a touching anecdote about his family’s contribution of $300, which funded a new well in a village. The transformation was remarkable: from a polluted old well to a new source of clean water, benefiting the village, the school and the children’s homes. Travel Elevates exemplifies the essence of impact travel, where giving creates priceless rewards for both the giver and the recipient.


  • [1:33] Alex explains how Signature Travel Network is a cooperative member-owned with 200 agencies and 15,000 travel advisors
  • [3:48] There are just over 1400 vendors and suppliers, and he discussed understanding what the customer wants 
  • [7:15] Alex discusses “impact travel” and a beautiful experience he witnessed
  • [11:14] Traveling to the seventh continent and the growth of the cruise industry
  • [15:36] Discussion of the re-emergence of Crystal and how their employees are coming back to work
  • [18:50] Alex talks about how “travel elevates” a nonprofit and giving back to the communities where you travel 



  • Signature Travel Network will make nearly 12 billion dollars in sales this year.
  • Impact travel refers to how travelers to other areas of the world can know the people and culture and give back in some way
  • Antarctica is a destination for many people now because luxury cruise lines are delivering Antarctica in great style and comfort and assist with mobility to anyone who may have those issues



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Alex Sharpe serves as Signature Travel Network’s President and CEO.  Under his leadership, Signature has celebrated a double-digit increase in annual sales and has continued to build upon its dedication to each individual member through new marketing, technology, and training tools.  Alex originally joined Signature as EVP in 2011 and, in 2013 was promoted to President and CEO.  

Previous to his time at Signature, Sharpe served as the Senior Vice–President of National, Key, and International Accounts for Regent Seven Seas Cruises.  In that position, Sharpe managed consortium partnerships, high-volume agencies and international partners across the world.  Over his 13 years with Regent, Alex has served in many capacities and in many departments including Charter & Incentive Sales, Pricing and Planning, Sales and Marketing.  Prior to his move to the travel industry, he partnered and operated several Kinko’s stores.  

Alex graduated from Florida State University and you can find him watching the Seminoles play on Saturdays during football season.  Alex also enjoys playing basketball as well as traveling and is also very passionate about giving back to his community.  Alex lives in Davie, Florida with his wife and three children.   

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