Ep 10 – Why Explora Journeys is the Hottest New Luxury Lifestyle Brand


In this week’s episode, Rodney sits down with Chris Austin, President of North America for Explora Journeys. Explora Journeys has been sailing for just ten months but has significantly impacted the luxury cruise industry. Travel and Leisure magazine recognized it as the best new ship launched in 2023, and Condé Nast included it on their 2024 Gold List. Chris highlights that the ship’s design was inspired by input from 20,000 travelers, whose comments helped shape the Explora line. He noted that brand building is continuous: “You should never be brand finished. If your brand is finished, you’re finished.” A key aspect of Explora Journeys is the “Ocean State of Mind” philosophy. Chris explains that their crew members are referred to as hosts because they are passionate about ensuring the best possible experience for travelers. Take advantage of the opportunity to book a cruise with Rodney on the Explora I or II. 



  • [1:20] Chris shares his background in the industry 
  • [4:55] Chris outlines the vision and amenities for Explora Journeys
  • [11:03] Explora Journeys prides its selves on listening to travelers and shares information about the second ship, the Explorer II
  • [16:01] Chris says they like to think of themselves as a resort whose home is the ocean
  • [21:55] Explora Journeys is an all-inclusive brand except for one restaurant and excursions  
  • [25:55] Guests have expressed a high, high level of satisfaction. Book now before prices increase
  • [29:27] Free information on 25 secrets to a great vacation. Text 66866 to 25 secrets – no punctuation, no caps 



  • The average size suite on Explora Journeys is 470 square feet.
  • Explora Journeys offers itineraries that allow travelers to spend more time in ports. It is building its own terminal in Miami.
  • There is a Nautilus club for younger guests aged five to 17, and there are adult-only pools. 



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Chris Austin is the president of Explora Journeys in North America. In this position, he is responsible for the brand’s overall North American market strategy and performance. Before joining Explora Journeys, Chris spent four years as SVP of Global Marketing & Sales at Seabourn and 25 years with Starwood Hotels & Resorts, with his final position as vice president of global luxury and leisure sales.

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